HUMA PhD Students Vote to Continue the Strike

The HUMA students met today for our general assembly and the majority voted in favor of continuing the strike until our next General Assembly on Monday, April 13th at 11am in the HUMA Lounge. Please join us to be apart of the discussions (digitally too!)

In solidarity with other students on strike in Quebec:

Whereas 55 000 students are now on strike;

Whereas the last Quebec government’s budget goes further in the path of austerity;

Whereas the political, administrative and police repression trying to put down the mobilization against austerity;

Whereas the HUMA GSA is on strike against the austerity measures of Couillard’s government since March the 30th;

Be It Resolved That the Concordia Humanities Student Association goes on strike from April 7th to April the 13th against austerity measures on the basis of the claims enunciated in the GA of March 30th;

Be It Resolved That we act in solidarity with the mobilization against oil economy, and with the students living political repression;

Be it Resolved That we participate in the movement in a creative way that minimizes the negative impacts of the mobilization on our student condition;

*We encourage HUMA students who don’t have class to join the movement and participate in the many actions however they see fit.

Information on the 2012 Strike and the HUMA program’s participation:


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