Student Lenka Novak’s Public Performative Installation


L e n k a N o v á k o v á  

in collaboration with:
Otso Lähdeoja / Navid Navab

in dialog with performance group:
IF YOU NO WHAT I MEAN: Mayra Morales / Petur Grunansom / Marcelino Barsi / Mona Ayas

Merging powerful optical architectures, compositions of structure born sound, and the aesthetics of chiaroscuro image, ‘F O L D’ envelops the spectator in the performative, theatrical and cinematic experience of self and the other.

‘F O L D’ as a platform for interdisciplinary approaches to ‘performance’ and ‘performative environment’ is a ‘stage of an exhibition’; it’s a ‘cinema’; it’s a ‘concert’ and in one instance we may say it’s a ‘contemporary dance’

About the artist:


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